Wife of Mohammed Shami Exposes Extra-Marital Affair of Husband: Shares His ‘Dirty Chats’ Online

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Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan made a shocking revelation about her husband on social media this morning that the cricketer is involved in a number of extramarital affairs and tortures her mentally and physically.

His wife shared screenshots of Messenger and Whatsapp chat messages on her Facebook wall. of Shami’s alleged chats with a number of women on Facebook. Along with the chats Hasin Jahan also posted snaps of women claiming that they were cricketer’s girlfriends. These alleged chats and photos with his girlfriends has left us confused and raised many questions among his fans. There are the chances that his wife’s profile has been hacked and the chats are not real?

Jahan alleges that the phone was gifted to him by Delhi Daredevils in 2014. She reportedly found the phone, along with male contraceptives, in Shami’s BMW car. She tried a few different combination to open the lock and got access to the alleged chats when one pattern matched.

Here are some screenshots of Shami’s chats with his girlfriends:


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Shami’s wife shares images of girls with him


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hasin jahan mohammed shami

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