WhatsApp Will Launch A Feature That Group Admins Will Hate And Group Members Will Love

whatsapp latest update

No doubt Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps these days and it has more than 1 billion users worldwide.

There are many amazing features that were launched by Whatsapp in past years including group chatting feature, free calls and messaging, stories, live tracking, and even end to end encryption of messages.

Remember the time when you had to pay for calling and messaging, But due to Whatsapp now the whole world can send a message and call for free anywhere in the world.

whatsapp update

After the latest Whatsapp ‘delete for everyone’ feature now whatsapp is ready to launch its new feature called “Dismiss As Admin.”

This feature allows users to dismiss any group chat admin. This feature must not be liked by the annoying admins but should loved by the group members.

According to the recent reports, Whatsapp is currently working on this feature, and it is in beta-stage testing on Android and is still under development for iOS according to reports.

So far, when you want to remove any member of the group, this can be done only by the group admins, but now anyone can remove members from the group.

Now the responsibility of an admin seems to get lesser, and this feature wants users to make sure the functions will work properly and should not be abused.

This feature can be used by tapping on the Group Info button.

Facebook is also conducting a small test of a new feature that will allow users to post their Instagram “Stories” directly as WhatsApp Status. As the concept of ‘Stories’ works, these posts including photos, videos and GIFs will disappear after 24 hours.