Vijay Mallya Gets Bail Hours After Being Arrested in London


Vijay Mallya , the liquor king and a defaulter loan was arrested on Tuesday by Scotland Yard in London. India had issued an extradition warrant to UK. Soon after he arrested he was released on bail but will be presented before Westminster Magistrates court soon. Mallya who has been accused with money fraud had fled to UK in March 2016.

Vijay Mallya also lashed out again on Indian Media on Twitter for the hype they has created and expressed it on Twitter.

But that did not stop the Twitterati from going on with the hilarious reactions!

The Indian Govt. had discussed about the extradition to the UK govt when Finance minister Arun Jaitley met the UK chancellor. Mallya had fled last year and started living in UK after a search warrant was issued by Indian Govt last year. He owes more than 9,000 crores to various banks in India. He will be submitted to Indian Govt or not is yet to be cleared until his next hearing .