Things to know about Mykonos Greece

mykonos celebrities

Mykonos, a popular Greek island that is part of the Cyclades, may have seen your mind as a place in the future. You’ve probably heard how good the weather is, how clean the water is and how golden the beaches are, and perhaps the luxury villas in Mykonos, but do you know that any of the following are Mykonos facts that have given the island shape.

1. Favorite place of celebrities

Mykonos is an expensive place to visit, and if you are planning to rent a villa there, it will become even more expansive, bars and clubs are also very expansive here, Scorpio and Santana are one of them. Paris Hilton and Leonardo di Caprio are seen dancing the night away on Mykonos Island.

mykonos celebrities

2. Doors and windows are all one color

If you ever get a chance to visit Mykonos, you will find something very strange about the color of the doors and windows of all buildings. When sailors did the same, the doors and windows should be painted red, green, or blue to represent the old days. If you have ever lived in any of the villas in Mykonos, you will directly notice this particular frenzy.

mykonos celebrities

3. Gay-Friendly Destination

Going back a decade ago, Mykonos was praised for his friendship with gay people. In fact, many gay people now visit Mykonos because of this, and it is still one of the top destinations in the world.

mykonos celebrities