Supreme Court Verdict on Right to Privacy: Here’s How Twitter Reacted

privacy verdict

The Supreme court on 24th August held that privacy is a fundamental right in the Constitution of India. This is the new privacy law by the Government. But it is not absolute fundamental right as compared to other rights.

The top court’s judgment has so many implications, most essential for the debate on Aadhaar, as it’s a biometrics-based human identification number that has been stated compulsory for several government benefits and services. It might open the door to turn over section 377 of the Indian penal code, which criminalises homosexual sex.

The government stood by its earlier assertion that privacy “is not an absolute right, it must be subject to some reasonable restrictions” Said Ravi Shankar Prasad Union Law Minister.

Some are arguing in favor of this privacy law, and some are against to it.

Rahul Gandhi reacted to the new privacy law by saying “ “Welcome the SC verdict upholding #RightToPrivacy as an intrinsic part of individual’s liberty, freedom & dignity. It is a victory for every Indian. SC decision marks a major blow to fascist forces. A sound rejection of the BJP’s ideology of suppression through surveillance.”

See how tweeties reacts to Privacy Law Judgement. Twitter takes it to the other level and makes hilarious jokes regarding it!

This is called as Right to privacy with some restrictions!