Sunil Grover reportedly quits The Kapil Sharma Show after alleged at flight


Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma, who were very close friends for many years and have been, worked Comedy nights with Kapil before and presently they are together in The Kapil Sharma Show.
On 18th March news came about an altercation between two friends. Kapil orally abused and physically assaulted Sunil as on returning from Melbourne, Australia. They went to perform stage show.
According to the reports, Kapil was drunk and creating a scene with Chandan, where Grover tried to cool the things down but he didn’t suit it fine and started to assault his co-star.
He did not stop here at once and continued his tirade and said them that whatever they are today, just because of him. Also, he called Grover as a “Flop Actor”, who came up crawling for work after his show gets higher. Kapil also argued with Chandan and said that he is working on the show today is because he is his friend.
News also mentioned that some passengers even wanted an emergency landing due to these riots. The source also told that the entire cast was seriously upset with Kapil’s disapproving behavior.
One of the members of the unit says – what Sharma did cannot be justified. As you can’t drink and use stinking language. It is inappropriate of a public figure.
After many quarters said the incident, He clarified the quarrel as their family matter. Sunil totally refused to agree and subjected a hard word statement in which he stated that his co-star should start respecting human beings apart from animals. It was elicited an apology from Kapil Sharma but that definitely did not help.
Also, the reports are coming from the source that Sunil Grover has quit “The Kapil Sharma Show”.
In the meantime, Kapil Sharma posted a statement on social networking site, clarifying the buzz saying that–“He was celebrating a good time and then he came to know about the news about Kapil and Sunil fighting. “
He asking to the media that from where it is coming from, intentions behind it. He says that if he has fought with Sunil in flight and who saw it? Kapil also stated in the posts that how close is he to his team and spends his good time with them only. He also added to the sentence that he loves very much to them all, especially Sunil and treat him as the elder brother. He likewise clarifies that we are normal people and can fight normally.
Talks are also been done that Kapil’s other co-star, Chandan, Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover also refused to work with him.
Right now no other sources have been concluded the topic, that what was actually the matter. But, the shocking news is coming from the entertainment world that– may you not be seeing Mr.Mashoor Gulati and Rinku bhabhi.