Sundar Pichai’s Biography- Early life, Net worth and Career at Google


Sundar Pichai is the present chief executive officer of Google. On his birthday we bring towards you his biography from his childhood till his career at Google. He was born on 12th July 1972 in Madurai. However, his big dreams and self-motivation paved a way to his triumph today. Let’s know about Sundar Pichai’s biography on his 44th Birthday.

Early life:

sundar pichai childhood

Sundar Pichai was born in a Tamil family on 12 July 1972 in Chennai. His mother and father are Lakshmi and Raghunath Pichai respectively.  His father worked as a Senior Engineer in a General Electric Company( British Company), and his mother was a stereographer. Sundar spent his childhood time in Madras Ashok Nagar.

He was a bright student and grew up in a middle-class family. Sundar excelled academically from Padma Seshadri Bhawan and earned a seat in Indian Institute of Technology; it is among the prestigious engineering institutions across India.


sundar pichai childhood

He did schooling till 10th from Jawahar School. After this, he took admission in Vana Vani school to complete his qualification. Sundar completed his degree in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT. He did MBA from Pennsylvania’s Wharton school.


sundar pichai career

After the completion of his Master Degree, he worked in product management. After that, he also worked in Mckinsey company as a Management consultant.

Career at Google:

sundar pichai googlePichai joined Google in the year 2004 as a vice president of product management, He played a significant role in the growth of Chrome OS, Google Chrome, and Google Drive. He also played a vital role in application development of Google Maps and Gmail.  

Personal Life:

sundar pichai wife

Sundar got married to his college mate Anjali. Sundar and Anjali have two cute kids, a daughter and a son. Right now he is a US citizen; he lives there with his entire family. Sundar said, “ My wife is my lucky charm.”

Sundar Pichai Unknown Facts:

sundar pichai cricketAs it’s Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s birthday, let’s take a look at Pichai’s interesting facts you never knew before.

  • Sundar is a huge fan of cricket and was also a captain of his school time cricket team.
  • His family did not give a phone until he was 13
  • His memory at remembering numbers is solid, Said by “Chacha S. Raman.”
  • At regular intervals, he interacts with IIT students over Skype

Sundar Pichai’s biography can not end without discussing his net worth. Sundar has an estimated income of $650 millions, or we can say 1285686000.00 Indian Rupees.