SS Rajamouli Acted in ‘Baahubali’, And You Probably Didn’t Spot It


It has been seen till now that there is a wave going on for Baahubali second part. Baahubali has become the only movie which has broken all the records not just in India but outside also. People in USA, UK , UAE are going crazy for the film.The film has already crossed the 1000 crore milestone and is the first movie from Indian cinema to reach such a whopping milestone


We all have watched hundreds of movies so far but how often it happens that we remember the director’s name of the movie. We all praise and remembers our favourite actors and actress but barely remembers the person who directed the movie. Yes the man behind the camera , the man without whom vision the film would not have been in the position where they are today.

S.S Rajamouli , the director of Baahubali is the one who is talked and praised much more than the actors  in the movie. The first director who came with such an astonishing story that changed the definition of Indian cinemarajamouli_0_0

How many of you knows that the director has done acting in his own movie ? Yes, We are getting obsessed with the second part of the movie but let us take you back to the first part where sir Rajamouli was seen offering alcohol to both actors. Remember the scene before the “Manohari” song in the first part when Rana and Prabhas travel to catch a man. They reach to a place where they ask for alcohol to a person just before the song. Guess who was the man? See here..downloadSo next time when you watch a movie, be focused on every face , you never know that you might catch a director doing acting in the movie itself .