Why Sports Other Than Cricket Are Being Ignored in India

cricket craze

When it comes to favourite game to India, it is not hidden that Cricket has always been on top and lived in everyone’s heart. Despite our national game is kabbadi, no one knows the reason why cricket is given much leverage in India then any other sport or game. Indian Premier League began in 2008 and ever since its popularity has grown with leaps and bounds. It is most famous and watched cricket league all over the world which requires high amount of money flow. The teams are made based on cities and some elite and wealthy people own the whole team. From businessmen to politicians to actors, everyone has managed to own the teams. Every year an auction is held in which bidder say their prices to purchase the players.

The matches are held in different cities and cricket fans from all over India leaves no stone unturned to purchase tickets and make their time to see live matches. They stand a long queue sometimes, leaves their important work and takes a day off from work but do not leave a chance to relish the match.

Today I would like to state few things which cricket fans might not like but it is something which we have felt at least once. There are hundreds of talented players are there in India belonging to small cities for different sports and games or athlete. It is always seen that the kind of name, fame, money and financial support which are given to cricket players are not provided to players from different sports. It has also been observed that even some athlete from past has won medals for the country but have not received much recognition.

15-year-old sprinter Sita Sahu won 2 bronze medals at the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens. She now sells gol gappe in Dhobiya Tanke in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.

Athens special Olympic medalist sells 'gol gappe'

Shanti Devi, a Team member of Bihar’s Kabaddi team that won the National Kabaddi Championships in 1982 and 1983 sells vegetables in Jamshedpur to feed her family

Shanti Devi kabaddi player

Sometimes back there was a news about a female marathon that during the time of marathon which was happening outside India, she was broken down due to some health issues in the middle of the track and there was not a single person from our country to even give her a bottle of water.She fell down on track and almost fainted at that moment. At the same time, there was a big team available for every player from other countries for the help and support. It was most shameful incident ever heard that Indian govt had done such partiality. This was just a one incident I shared, however, there have been many other in the past. There have been also movies in the past which completely focused on other sports like Hockey, Wrestling, and Football but none of them brought much positive change in the way the Cricket is treated by India and Indian Govt.

We still need to  give equal leverage, importance, and respect to other players and sports so that those players from small cities also get this chance to make the country proud