Some Interesting facts about Moon you will be amazed to know


In the year 1969, Man had taken a giant leap when he managed to set their foot on moon. That’s what was the first sentence by Neil Armstrong the moment he landed on moon. But there will be still some unknown facts about moon from which you would be unaware of. Let’s go deeper into these facts one by one.

  1. It has been a long now since we have made a trip to moon,so the thing is no man has been on the moon from last 41 years. Let’s see who is the next one to get his name listed.


2. A huge Mars sized object collided with Earth 4.6 billions years ago. The moon took the birth after sun and the solar system. When the collision happened a cloud of a vaporised rock emerged and went to orbit Earth. The cloud then condensed into a ring of small, solid bodies and this whole phenomena formed the moon


3. We all remember the first spaceflight which landed first two humans on moon. But do you know the computers used for Apollo 11 had less computing power then you have in your current phone.


4. The discussion related to the shape of the moon had raised many questions but it is of egg shape not round shape. At least remember the shape man !!


5. It is said that When Neil Armstrong and Edwin reached on moon, they left a medal of Yuri Gagarin on the surface as an honour to him since he was the first human who went to space.


6. Out of the six flags which was planted on moon, five of them are still standing.

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7. Osama Bin laden, was the greatest terrorist in the history of terrorsim. Well, you will be astonished to know that sending a man to the moon and finding Osama Bin Laden cost equal amount of time and money to US govt. 10 years & $!00 Billion.


8. Edwin Buzz Aldrin was the first who pee on the moon and her mother’s maiden name was “Moon”. Her mother full name was “Marion Moon”. Quite strange to know the person who was the first on the planet to land on moon had her mother’s surname “moon”  already behind him.


9. A study was done on moon landing in Britain and 52 percent of Britishers reckon that moon landing was just a hoax but NASA  in 2011 came up with concrete proof with some deep insight images of Apollo 11 and retorted to all questions raised on moon landing


10. AI shepard, an Apollo 14 astronaut played golf on the moon in 1971 when he landed on moon.

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11. Well, we says the world is small but it seems here the whole universe is small. An Apollo astronaut once lost his wedding ring during his trip to the moon and he accidentally found it again during a spacewalk


12. Well what about a trip to the moon just to hang out. Yes,an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport service company named SpaceX has booked two people to send on moon trip by 2018. It cost around $750 million per passenger.


13. You will be amazed to know that in order to prove that moon landing was not a hoax but a reality, it required to include 4,00,000 people to be part of investigation process.


14. Rockets and spacecraft, you have heard much but if you would like to reach moon in less time as comparison to spacecraft , you will need a car which you need to drive vertically and will take less than  6 months to reach with the speed of 95 km/hour


15. Your weight on moon is six times less than on earth. Let’s say if you weigh 50 kg on earth then your weight on moon will be just 8 kg. Those who are struggling with weight gain, Go to the moon to console yourself for sometime.


16. UFO & aliens, who is not fascinated with these words. Science has been making relentless efforts to identify the truth behind aliens ever since the topic came into light. When we have seen some footage from different parts of the world manifesting UFOs, We have one more statement attachment attached with moon landing. it is said that when Neil and Edwin landed on moon they had a glimpse of aliens there but no assurance. Look at the video below showing unknown person walking on moon