Some Extreme Places on Earth With Startling Temperatures That You Must be Aware of

extreme places on earth
  1. The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth is Vostok station in Antarctica. In August 2010, Russia’s Vostok Research station in Antarctica recorded coldest temperature on earth ever which was -92.7 Degree Celsius. The NASA satellite analyzed this temperature. Since it was satellite measured not thermometers it did not get listed in Guinness Book of World Records. The last coldest temperature other than 2010 was recorded in 1983 which was -53 degree Celsius at the same place. But yeah we can conclude that Vostok research station in Antarctica is the coolest uninhabited place on planet. The average normal temperature in Antarctica is -49 degree Celsius.The highest temperature recorded on Antarctica was 17.5 degree Celsius on march 24,2015 at Esperanza Base, on the Antarctic Peninsula.


Without much ado, let me take you to the the coldest inhabited place on earth. It is one of the village in Russia, Oymakon .Oymyakon has a population of 500 people.The lowest temperature recorded here was -89 Degree Celsius .


2) In summer, when sun is on its extreme level, you will that your skin will get burn. But ever thought what could be hottest place on planet. Let me amplify more about this.

Basically, there has been ample amount of researches happened and claim to be the hottest place on earth has varied from time to time. There has been a cut throat competition between Death Valley, California and El-Azizia desert in Jahara district of Libya. But beating these two, the Lut Desert in Iran has become the hottest place on earth. Just because this place was so isolated and humans did not have a access there, the temperature there was unknown but measurement from NASA satellite in 2005 recorded the hottest temperature on earth in Lut Desert, Iran ever which is was 70.7 degree Celsius

iran lut desert

3) Next in the list is the driest place on our planet. For driest place also , there has been several discussion before between Dry Valleys, Antarctica and Atacama Desert,Chile Peru. But the title to be the driest place on earth goes to McMurdo Dry Valley Antarctica. It has not received rainfall for last two million years


4) After the driest place it is the time for wettest place on earth and you can take a pride to know that Mawsynram in India is the wettest place on earth of all time which receives highest rainfall. There is only one season you can consider for Mawsynram which is rainy season since this place has a downpouring whole year. Mawsynram is a village in Meghalaya state in India. It is located in the East Khasi hill area and its height from sea level is approx 1400 meters only. It receives 467 inches average rainfall in a year which is highest than any place on earth

Mawsynram Mawsynram wettest

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