Snapdeal Suffers Downgrade Due to SnapChat in India

snapchat-snapdeal confusion

India is one country where people follow the crowd blindly without even understanding that what they are doing is actually related to the exact thing which they want to convey or other. Recent example happened due to the first name being similar for these companies. The word “Snap” has created much hype . When people heard some hurting and humiliating by SnapChat , they lashed it out on social media their love and anger for Snapchat. As a result people started uninstalling Snapdeal , this showed immaturity that they did not even see the name of the application.


Coming back to main agenda , Let us tell you that Snapchat who is one of the most popular app and who has millions of users all over the world has seen biggest downgrade in India. There was a ex-employee of Snapchat named  Anthony Pompliano who conveyed to a US based news website Variety on Saturday that company CEO Evan Spiegel in Sept 2015 told him that “the app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain”.

As soon as the new came out , it started spreading like a fire in India. People just not only uninstall the app but also expressed their anger on twitter. The 5 star rating came down to 4 affecting huge market in India