ShahRukh Khan’s “Selfie” With the Bangladeshi Star Alom is Breaking the Internet

alom-bogra-with shahrukh khan

It is obviously, a well-known fact that Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) has a colossal fanbase, both in India and internationally. Wherever he goes, it’s very insane to perceive how his fans act, with many desire to click a selfie with him. Yet, just a fortunate few find the opportunity to do as such. However, bringing a selfie with Shah Rukh Khan on the mass of his home, Mannat, with many fans out of sight is almost an outlandish accomplishment. I said about unthinkable, because it is not so for Bangladeshi “whiz,” Ashraful Alom Saeed also known as Alom Bogra or like his fans jump at the chance to call him Hero Alom.

hero alom funny

Alom who, you inquire? Clearly, you haven’t known about this web sensation, which is much the same as KRK in India, however, less vain and a significantly more successful star with regards to the fame of his vines.

Hero Alom

I am quite sure that you may have seen some of his videos when you were scourging on the web with nothing at the forefront of your thoughts. Like the one shown below……

Thus, this man who overwhelmed the whole online networking with his self-made vines that accumulated a ton of images and trolls, shockingly, has a huge fan following for hilarious reasons (as clear as KRK’s fame).

Didn’t know about this man in a while, isn’t that so? He positively knows how to stand out as truly newsworthy. Seeing his prevalence decay, he posted a selfie with the Legend Shah Rukh Khan. No, he didn’t click a photo with SRK, yet apparently, SRK got clicked with him. Try not to trust us? Take a look:

What’s the deal? Read the caption:  The legend, the King of Bollywood, the Baadshah Khan also known as Shah Rukh Khan, oops sorry! Saarukh Khan is Great Alom’s biggest fan.

See how Twitter trolled Alom:

Saarukh Khan:

And this is the dig on the Photoshop