A Serbian Film:- The Most Disturbing and Objectionable Movie Ever Made

serbian flim

There are different film industries thriving from different parts of the world and all film industries have different audiences. Based on the audience’s interest movies are made so that it may entertain the movie lovers in every way they could. In India we have love stories in every second film released along with some romantic songs and dance. We usually watch movies in order to amuse ourselves but some movies put immense impact on our mind.
The movie about which I am going to tell today is considered most disturbing movie of all time.
Probably you would not have heard about this movie. The Serbian Film, it is the movie which has set a record to being banned by maximum number of countries. It has been banned by 46 countries which includes Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, and South Korea, and was temporarily banned from screening in Brazil. It has a record breaking 19 minutes cut in the USA which is the highest cut done for any movie so far. Let me enlighten some more reasons about the most controversial movie of the decade .

A Serbian film is a 2010 Serbian horror film directed by Srdjan Spasojevic. The movie stars Milo (Sran Todorovi) in a lead role who is shown as a retired Serbian porn star. Milo is living with his family and facing financial issues in meeting the expenses. He is then offered a film which is the one last film of his career and will give him ample amount of money. Believe me the movie has something which you will never imagine. It contains scenes which cannot be accepted by your mind and society easily .
unethical bannedThe movie includes child abuse, barbaric torture scenes, nasty crimes, taboo relationships and one scene (rape of new born baby).This was something due to which the director was highly condemned by everyone. Perhaps you won’t make an effort to watch this after reading the reviews and even if you make an attempt to watch then I can vouch for it, that you won’t be able to watch completely.


The purpose behind writing about this movie was to make you aware that some people can go to any extent to show their content without even thinking what they are going to show and what impact it is going to make on audience’s mind. How someone could be so wicked and inhuman to show such a violent and shameful thriller. Decide on your own whether to watch it or not