Seam Bowlers Turning To The IPL Treasures


T Natarajan and Mohammed Siraj, who are the seamless bowlers, were sharpening their knowledge in secrecy far off the worldwide radar but, as Krunal Pandya and KC Cariappa before them, currently discover themselves glow with the IPL cash.

Seam bowlers Mohammed Siraj and T Natarajan have been losers for many times in their past lifetimes. But while the IPL auction of 2017 ended up turning into their huge payday, the lives of bowlers, because they have recognized them, have possibly changed forever.

The 25-year old left armer named Natarajan earned  thirty times his standard cost of 10 lakh (INR) to turned into the biggest-paid uncapped player of Indian, when the twenty two years right-arm fast Mohammed Siraj attracted more of 2.6 crores (INR).

Thangarasu, who is a father of Natarajan, is a daily-wage individual in the weaving field. Shantha is a mother of Natarajan, who sells meat.   Natarajan calls from Chinnappampatti, which is a small town thirty-five kilometers from Salem, Tamil Nadu.

The obsession of Siraj with sports started after he succeed in the inter-school tournament on the Independence Day when in 7th standard.  He is a son of auto rickshaw drive and lived in Khaja Nagar located in Banjara hills, Hyderabad. Mohammed Siraj would happily bunk the classes for playing cricket.

Neither T Natarajan nor Mohammed Siraj has observed more on cricket ball earlier to their age 20.   To both of them, cricket game meant throwing the tennis ball at high speed or pace at batsman.  The love of Natarajan for the sport was fueled by a neighbor named Jayaprakash Anna. He is an individual who ran the cricket club of Chinnappampatti. He has the capability to nail an inch-perfect and superior Yorker was polished at the club.

Though, Jayaprakash wanted T Natarajan for replicating the similar knowledge with a cricket ball. Along with this, he also inspired his colleague for moving to the Chennai city as well as examines himself in competitive leagues of TNCA. Long before the skills obtained eyeballs, he resisted with a cricket ball.

While speaking about Mohammed Siraj, he had not included any teething troubles. In the year of 2015, as the reputation of Siraj developed with tennis ball, an excellent friendly chided him not to make superior of the talents. Siraj also turned up as well as did which things he desired best is bounce batsmen and bowl fast.

The life-changing moment of Natarajan came in short format through the premier league of Tamil Nadu last year. T Natarajan claimed ten wickets in 7 matches for the Dindigul Dragons team at below 7.5 runs per over. Against the eventual champions known as Tuti Patriots, he sent down s6 consecutive Yorkers as well as defended twelve runs successfully in the popular Super Over.

T Natarajan and Mohammed Siraj would perform well, though, to move two pitfalls which have swallowed many career opportunities earlier they took off such as the force of price tag as well as the seductive appeal of overnight spotlight and riches.