Sasural Simar Ka is Finally Going Off Air, and The World is Celebrating!!


Here’s a bad news for all “Sasural Simar Ka” fans! One of the longest running show of Indian television is going off air, however perhaps after running for six years finally makers of the show come to realize that the show is complete rubbish and thus decided to end the show here and relive the audience.

For so many audiences,  “Sasural Simar Ka” show is even worst than Dhinchak Pooja Songs!

Taking Inspiration from Game of Thrones:

Have a look on How all it started:

Season 1:

The story of a serial started revolving around two sisters Roli and Simar who marry two brothers, Siddhant and Prem, respectively, and the journey of sisters how they become perfect daughter-in-laws of Bhardwaj Family.

Season 2:

It shows how Simar aim to protect her family from some supernatural creatures who want to destroy the complete Bhardwaj family. Roli dies in place of Simar and then she decided to take revenge by killing all the demons.

Season 3:

After season 2 the show takes a major leap then in new season show focuses on Simar’s children Piyush and Sanjana and shows how parents helped their children to improve their marriage.

Meet Simar’s Devil Baby:

Simar's baby

‘Simar’- The most disgusting character in the show

Sometimes a normal human being, sometimes a makkhi and she was also a devil once. What a talented individual! The show started with the story of two sisters that later turn into a spooky show.

All’s well that ends well. Finally, the show is ending and the last episode of the show will be air on 19th September.

People are very happy that the show is closing down. Check out some hilarious reactions on Twitter:

No Logic:

Request to
Ban the production house: