Sarahah App: Why Everyone in India is Suddenly Talking About This Secret Messaging App

sarahah app

An anonymous messaging App ‘Sarahah’ is taking the internet by storm. Some say that it’s a good app as it allows them to write anonymously what they feel for anyone, on the other hand, there are some people who consider it as not a good app! The app is viral all over India these days. 

It is specially trending on Facebook. If you do not know about the App yet, Then let’s know about it here:

Short review of the App

Sarahah lets its users share the received messages on Twitter and Facebook as well as on other social sites. However, the best part is that you don’t come to know who sent all these messages to you.  Only you can mark a message as Favourite, delete the message, report as spam or block the user.

Bigg mess about ‘Sarahah’

It has become a very popular app, but also have some haters.  Read the reason below:

Don’t know you noticed it or not, The app does not have any option for deleting your profile. If you noticed that then must think that it’s a big mess from the app developers. There is no given option for deleting the account, and some say that the reports of the Sarahah app is used for Cyberbullying. However, still, there is a method of removing the account.

Steps to remove account on Sarahah

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Check your account settings.
  3. You will see options in setting section on the left-hand side.
  4. Below password and personal information is the option to Remove account.
  5. Just click on the Remove account

    remove account on sarahah

Can you follow Sarahah users?

The app register comments you have sent, received and added as a favourite. You will find an option ‘Follow’ by which you can continue to the app and can send your feedback to any user.

How to block the user

block user on sarahah

When it comes to blocking user on Sarahah as you receive some insulting messages is not easy.  There are few options you can use at that moment. You can go into the setting section of the app, from there you can change your privacy to don’t allow non-registred users to message you.

The app displays four different icons below each message

  1. First red flag to report message
  2. Share received messages on social platforms
  3. Block icon to block users
  4. Heart icon to mark as favorite

sarahah app functionsWell, there are some grave risks attached using ‘Sarahah’ but also some funny reasons which let colleagues and friends to irritate by posting about them anonymously.