Salman Khan’s Tubelight Got Fused As Soon As It Started

Tubelight movie review

Salman Khan, just a name is enough in India and outside India as well. One of the biggest superstar India has ever produced. He has been ruling hearts of millions ever since he debuted in Bollywood. His fans can go to any extent to express their love towards him.
tubelight movie review 2017But personally I have not been an admirer of every movie of Bhai. I can say few films and small portions of those films where I had admired his acting. In the same way I have come across others who are not a die heart fan of Salman. Even some says that he does nothing and repeats the same corny things in every movie.

tubelightThe first day of Tubelight and it seemed Kabir khan and Salman Khan failed to woo the audiences. Reviews are out and movie has received 1-2 ratings out of 5 from everywhere. The movie has proved disaster to the box office. The story of the movie is not at all connected and you will end up scratching your head since you won’t understand sometimes what is going on?
salmanThe little boy and Sohail Khan managed a bit to prove their acting skills and late Om Puri brings some life in the movie. On every Eid where all fans of him expects a big blockbuster, this is indeed a disappointing one from Kabir Khan because duo has given some biggest blockbusters previously. No idea Why cameo of Shahrukh was needed and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu is the only new face which can solace your heart.
zhu zhuSome of the twits I am disclosing here which has manifested the views for first day and then you can conclude it by yourself that how much impact it has been able to make on its first day.