Sachin Meets Narendra Modi to discuss his upcoming biopic


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the one sports person on the planet who has achieved heights of success which no one could ever be able to reach. Sachin who is known as the “God of Cricket” got written hundreds of records to him in his long career. From conquering the hearts of millions and becoming the youngest person to receive India’s highest civilians and most prestigious award “ Bharat Ratna”, He has done it all while he is just in his 40’s and now availing the benefits to be one of the gems of India.


                   When Dhoni has proved himself as the best captain and his biopic was loved by all. Now is the time to have much awaited biopic of the year. Not just in India, people all over the world have been waiting for Sachin’s biopic.

_cd24caf8-f1c5-11e6-8b6e-25a65c287ec4         Sachin recently made a visit to prime minister’s office and met Narendra Modi to receive his blessings and discussed about the movie. Our honourable PM wished Sachin in a positive way and appreciated his journey. He also added that your journey will inspire millions of people in India. You have just not proved yourself as a great person but also as a nicest human being, You taught a lesson to all that how you can achieve your dreams and can also be humbled and down to earth at the same time.


Sachin took to the twitter to express his feelings after he met Mr Modi.

After all about whom Mr Modi Tweets especially.We guess,only few but when you are such a great personality who has inspired millions then even sir Modi tweets for you.

Before the release, Aamir Khan also pulled Sachin’s leg by sharing his memory on twitter and expressed his excitement for the movie. Let’s see what Aamir said in his video

Below are some perks and rights a Bharat Ratna recipient receives

1) Free first class flight journey anywhere in India.
2) Free first class train journey.
3) Pension equal to or 50% of Prime Minister of India’s salary.
4) Can attend the Parliament meetings and sessions.
5) Precedence at par with Cabinet Rank.
6) Eligible for Z category protection, if needed.
7) Special Guest in Republic Day and Independence Day.
8) Status equal to VVIP.

Sachin’s biopic “ Sachin- A Billion Dreams”the biographical film is directed by James Erskine, is all set to hit the theatres on 26 May,2017