Revealed : Why The Movie Sooryavansham Is Shown On Set Max So Often!


We all are bollywood movies freaks. We have loved watching all kinds of movies at home when we plan to chill or amuse ourselves. We have also grown up watching some old movies of all actors but there is one legendary actor which has been loved by generations of all kinds.Whether a kid , youth or  a old guy, we have admired this actor. Yes. We are talking about the century’s biggest superstar , the great and legendary Mr. Amitabh Bachhan. A man who redefined acting and conquered the hearts of all. A man who is considered the god of acting across the globe.  suryavansham memes

There is one movie of Mr Amitabh which is on the verge to make a record to become the only movie that is being shown on small screens for more than a decade.

SuryaVanshyam is one of the movies of Amitabh Bachhan which collected suffice love from the audiences but we all have noticed that it has been showing on Set Max channel over and over.

The characters and dialogues of this movie has automatically been learned by all due to the repetition of the movie and there has been so many jokes circulating on social  media for this.

Today, We are going to disclose the reason behind that. We need to take you back in 1999. It was the year when Set Max channel was launched and fortunately it was the same year when Survanshyam was released. The channel then made a contract and acquired the rights to show Survanshyam till next 100 years. The head of marketing from Set Max channel Vaishali Sharma revealed that the channel has purchased rights for this movie for next 100 years. This is the reason why it is shown over and over on this channel.