Ranveer Singh’s Fan Shot Him Without Clothes In Changing Room. What Ranveer Did Next is Shocking

Ranveer singh photos

We all know Ranveer Singh for his charming personality and unique dressing sense. He also surprises his fans with his activities and leaves no chance in entertaining them. There is a big difference in Ranveer’s real life and reel life.

ranveer singh photos

All the celebrities have a huge number of fans across the globe. They have to face some crazy fans as well sometimes who crosses their limits to meet their favorite celebrity or to impress them.

Recently Ranveer Singh also faced such a crazy fan who created a hilarious situation.  One of his fans crossed all boundaries and made Ranveer Singh run behind him without clothes.

Ranveer revealed the incident by saying-

“I was in the changing room, buck naked. I’m drying my hair in one of the stalls. I look and there’s a guy filming with his light on. I was like, ‘Light toh off kar leta, toh pakda nahi jaata.”

Ranveer-singh photos

He also added-

“I ran across the changing room, in my condition, and I have shouted ‘Aye!’ Because of the way I have shouted, he has panicked and forgotten to run away. Can you imagine naked me going, ‘Aye, Aye!’? I caught his arm and I grabbed the phone. Fortunately, I had that presence of mind. If that video came out… I had to destroy it. It goes to this extent almost every other day.”

The incident seems very funny but yes.. it is very difficult to be a celebrity.