Ransomware Attack -Save yourself from the biggest virus attack around the world


wannacry_03Inevitably, we are accustomed with technology and life deprived of computers and internet is hard to imagine. These days, go anywhere around the world and you see, human lives are completely dependant on computers. Where new technologies are being invented every day, We also have some areas which restrains us to have a smooth use of these technologies.

Viruses, We all have heard many times and also have been affected harshly. We protected our PCs & phones from  less malicious viruses by installing the anti viruses. The hackers creates viruses with the intention to earn money. Recently a virus which has created havoc at global level and has been making international headlines is RANSOMWARE.
RANSOMWARE virus is the malicious software which has affected more than 150 countries so far. Many businesses in Asia had to shut down the work due to Ransomware. We will enlighten more about Ransomware here.



What is wannacry?

WannaCry or wannacrypr or wannadycrptor is a specific type of ransomware program which locks files and data into your computer once it hit your system. As the name implies, Ransomware once attacks your system starts encrypting all the files rapidly and asks you to pay some money to unlock all the files.

How does ransomware work?

Ransomware generally make entry into your system mainly by clicking on wrong thing or downloading wrong thing and highly spread by emails. You get an attachment in email and once you click and download that attachment then it enters into your system. Then a message comes that “Your files have been encrypted” and IT demands payments in bitcoin. Security experts says that there is not a jot of assurance that your files be unlocked after you pay the amount. Sometimes it ask to pay more money and also menace you to delete your files in case you do not pay

Below is the world wide map shows the victims of Ransomware in Red


This malicious software has affected British hospitals to accept the patients to be admitted in hospital . Ransomware has affected more than 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries so far. Schools, Factories, Businesses, shops have been a victim of this. A source revealed that approx 29,000 chinese institution have been affected by ransomware cyberattack . Europe, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Argentina have also been attacked in a huge form.

From where it started?

It has been said that it was developed by NSA, National Security Agency of United States as part of his cyber weapon safeguard tool but it was stolen/hacked by some shadow broker group. Shadow broker is the group who is responsible to make it public and exploiting it ,but their real identity is still not known.

How you can save yourself?

People do not do install updates given by Microsoft as a result the data in system becomes more vulnerable. Users should regularly backup the data and install security updates. Also, a licensed anti virus would assist you at some level. Be cautious to click on email attachment.