This is Why Potato Chip Packets Are Always Full Of Air And Half-Empty

potato chips nitrogen

Potato chips are one of the most beloved, tasty and easily available food items in the market. They are available in variety of flavors and in reasonable price everywhere. A packet of 20 rupees of Uncle Chips or Lays have the ability to fulfill the hunger easily and perhaps there are only few people in the world who dislikes the chips.

We all hate that situation when we tear a fresh bag of chips and find so much empty space with a lot of air. Everyone who eats chips has a complaint regarding the amount of air in the packet. Most of the people among us thinks that the chip companies are trying to fool us! but this is wrong.

potato chips

Have you ever thought what’s the reason behind that?

Here are the two facts to be cleared here:

  1. The extra space with the air in the bag is there for a very good reason. The empty space is filled with a gas called Nitrogen, not with Air or Oxygen. Nitrogen assures that the chip arrive to us is fresh and tasty. If the packet is filled with Oxygen or Air, it will react with the oil of chips to result in annoying smell and taste. It can also also affect the health of people badly.
  2. With the help of Nitrogen gas, chips don’t break while being transported.

According to Eat Treat, a packet of Lays is filled with 85% nitrogen, Uncle Chips and Bingo Mad Angles with 75% nitrogen.