PM Modi is up to launch pilot project to reduce the weight of heavy school bags


Indian government is going to introduce the Pilot Project in the upcoming days , under this project, government aims to provide digital learning facilities to the children.  PM dreamt of our country to become digital, and this major step in the field of education will change the whole education process  making our education system more effective and advance.


The best part about the pilot project is that it reduces the weight of heavy school bags that has been a major concern as students have to carry huge weight of books on their shoulders. Such heavy weight affects the physical growth of children.


Under this project, students will be allotted tablets for the learning purpose. Tablets will be a wonderful replacement of books as students will only have to carry tablets to the school.  With the introduction of the pilot project, the whole new system of education will come into existence.


Besides this, the project has been initiated by the government in 25 Kendriya Vidyalayas. Digital learning has started now and soon it will be an important step towards making our country digital.


Along with this, only two books i.e. mathematics and language have been recommended by the NCERT for the students studying in class 1st and 2nd, and three books for class 3rd and 5th.  Students now have access to their study material via mobile devices and the web.

Latest CBSE directions


CBSE (Central Board Of Education) has given clear instruction to all its affiliated schools that students of class 1 and 2 should not carry school bags. Along with this, CBSE has advised all the schools that they should take some serious measures regarding the problem of heavy school bags.


Government is trying hard to solve the issue of heavy school bags as it seems to be a very small problem but when we give it a close look , then it is big. Schools are not only meant to provide education but also a place where the physical and mental growth of a child rises. Due to heavy school bags, students are facing some serious health issues, and thus this pilot project tends to end all such problem in the upcoming years.

HRD minister words on pilot project


The responsibility of promoting pilot project has been taken by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. Now, all the education work will be conducted through tablets and each student will receive  quality tablets, helping them to improve  their core skills  under the Pilot Project.


Recently, many schools in Maharashtra have taken steps to start a digital learning program for students.