Piers Morgan Tried Trolling Sehwag After India Lost But Failed Badly

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Piers Morgan and Virender Sehwag have been on twitter battle mode for a very long time now and each and every time something comes up, it’s a treat to watch. The previous evening it happened at the end of the day when India Women’s National Cricket Team lost to England in the World Cup Finals. Regardless of their overcome endeavors, India missed the mark concerning 9 runs however they secured a colossal place in the hearts of Indians, and this world glass has been one of the significant strides in making the entire nation mindful of the significance should have been given to Women’s Cricket group.

In any case, Piers Morgan chose to be his standard self and just couldn’t relinquish the chance to take a corresponds at Virender Sehwag.

Piers Morgan tweeted this when the match was finished:


Sehwag beyond any doubt gave an exceptionally good answer and dealt with the circumstance delightfully.

Sehwag gave Piers lessons on inspiration, and soon the whole country rose to safeguard the rulers that had won their hearts and Twitter was overwhelmed with steady tweets.


Better believe it, even we feel that it’s about time that Piers Morgan began talking sense.

We are truly pleased with our team and know how enormous an accomplishment it is for the country’s young ladies. Expectation Piers Morgan can transcend these frivolous trolls and say something important for once.

PM Narendra Modi also appreciated the team by his tweet: