List of Peculiar Demands by Justin Bieber for India Tour


It seems like there is a Bieber fever in India ever since the news of Justin Bieber coming to India for his performance came out. Every channel and website is pouring with the news of Bieber performing in Mumbai on 10th May 2017. Justin Bieber who gained the fame in one night just after he uploaded his song “Baby Baby” on you tube is one of the most popular singer in the USA. His female fans can go up to any extent to meet him.


While India is already known in the world for its heart touching hospitality and believe in the principle of “Atithi Devo Bhav”. We have heard about Justin’s demands list to India Tour. The list seemed endless. Justin demanded couple of things which was being trolled by many people on social media since the list sounded unfit. Below is the list we are going to reveal. Read them and let us know whether the list is justified or not.

  • 1 Rolls Royce
  • 2 Volvo bus
  • 10 Luxury sedans
  • A private jet
  • A chopper
  • Hydrating lip balms for his team members
  • Eight bouncers along with  Z plus security
  • Jacuzzi
  • Two five-star hotels have been reserved for security reasons.
  • 100 clothes hangers, cans of wild berries and vanilla room fresheners. As per the list,
  • His room must have  white curtains, with a large glass door refrigerator, clothing shelves, eight power outlets and 12 white handkerchiefs.
  • 4 still water bottles, 24 alkaline water bottles, four energy drinks, six vitamin water bottles, six cream sodas as well as a cooler packed with assorted juices.
  • White crew-neck t shirts, in sizes XS to L, two packages of white tank tops, sizes L to XL, three packages of white low-rise socks in sizes XS to L.


According to the report, his team demanded that No cell phones, no autographs and interaction with Bieber will be allowed .Bieber will perform at DY Patil Cricket Stadium in Mumbai today. Bieber is bringing the entourage of 120 people with him and India has the responsibility to take care and fulfil the demand of whole team. 


Well, Mr President (USA) would be wondering with the list in case he had seen and saying to himself that even I would not have such a long list. What is your take on this?