PASSION PROVES THE RESULT, They wanted a model, he built a real chopper


There is always one word which drives our passion ,i,e interest. If we are indeed interested in something then with our sheer hard work, dedication and talent we can achieve the heights in our life. Same is the case recently happened with 54-year-old D Sadasivan, whose bread & butter is an engineering workshop which he has been running in a small town Kanjirappally located in Kottayam of Kerala,India.

D Sadasivan was requested by a private school principal in his vicinity to make helicopter model around four years back. He thought that time why just a model ? why not a practical chopper for the students? Since then he started working on it with the vision to build a working chopper. With his relentless efforts and dedication he finally made it. In the same school recently this home made craft made by D Sadasivan was presented but he told that he requires at least a month to make it fly and soon the first test flight will be conducted in a month.

D Sadasivan is a perfect example of hard work and perseverance. It requires a lots of patience when someone needs to deliver something which is a bit time taking task. There have been various examples before also where the people who were not that much educated and privileged discovered many amazing things. D Sadasivan was just a 10th pass, normal person who came with an outstanding home made craft. People often complains about lack of resources when it comes to achieve certain result but that cannot be the case every time. We should always put our best and try to achieve our goal with the resources we have at present rather than waiting and complaining for the things which we do not have.

It is a great saying that God helps those who help themselves. So we should always try our best efforts first and leave everything on destiny without thinking about the fruit of it.Action is our duty , Reward is not our concern

Image Credit : TOI