Padmavati: After Deepika, Shahid is Here to Stun You All With his Majestic Look

shahid kapoor padmawati

Deepika Padukone’s look in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Padmavati’ was released recently, which did not take any time to become viral. Following the Queen Padmavati Deepika, the look of Shahid Kapoor, who is now playing the character of Maharaja Ratan Singh has come out.

On the morning of September 25, Shahid Kapoor himself shared the two new posters of the film with his fans.

And, this is the second one:

In the posters, Shahid looks in a thick beard with jewelry which enhances his intense and royal look.  In the first poster, Shahid Kapoor has a scar on his right cheek which shows that the king is in the middle of the battle

When asked Shahid about his look in Padmavati, he said,

“When you are playing a King, you need to have a certain personality. At that time, the people used to not be very skinny and lean, so you need to have a manly personality. Basically for that, and to carry those outfits also, Sanjay sir wanted me to be a little muscular and a little full. But I will be gaining weight in terms of muscle and not in terms of fat. This is because I am playing the character of a warrior. The Rajput kings had very strong personalities.”

Shahid Kapoor is just killing it with his royal and fierce look. Shahid is playing a role of Queen Padmavati’s husband and the King of Chittor.

Shahid’s look has impressed us. Let’s see how his performance in ‘Padmavati’ will win our hearts.

The movie is set to release on December 1.

Meanwhile, let’s see some best twitter reactions on Shahid’s first look: