OMG! After 15 Days, Shami’s Wife Leaks New Chats.This Time Its a New Girl


From last some days we are reading so many news related to Mohammed Shami and his wife. Before some days she leaked chats of her husband with different girls on social media and the controversy started from the same day. We are seeing different statements from both sides on news channels.

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The Indian fast bowler refused all the blames made by his wife and said that all it was fake. His wife even blamed that he was having an affair with a Pakistani girl named Alisbah.

Once again, She has come up with some new chats. She leaked some new screenshots of chats between Shami and a girl named Akanksha which is totally shocking. The photos are taken from Whatsapp chats between both of them. The tone of the chat is looking romantic.

Below are the screenshots that Hasin Jahan shared:


mohammed shami dirty chats

#2mohammed shami chats photos


mohammed shami chats

It is the matter of question that if these chats are genuine or fake but it is totally clear from all these chats that once again a new controversy is going to be created.