Mumbai girl defeated death after colliding with train


Miracles do happen but they are not always related to ghost and god, they do sometimes takes place with normal human beings also. The incident which I am going to reveal for a Mumbai girl will surely make you think twice.

Recently a incident happened on Mumbai 7 platform  of Kurla railway station.This girl must have done some good deeds in past so that the blessings earned by her saved her from terrible death. The girl named Pratiksha Natekar was talking over phone to one of her friend and was so immersed that she could not hear the sound of a train coming towards her  filled with heavy goods

By the time she looked up the train , it had already been late since the train had already reached her. by that time. In a sudden panic she could not move and was harshly hit by train.
                           The passengers over there had accepted that the girl would surely be dead but what they saw was unbelievable to their eyes. The girl had minor injuries and was admitted to nearest hospital . Watch the full video below from local Mumbai channel which will give you goosebumps at least one time.

And believe me , only blessings you have earned may save you from such adverse and inevitable incidences not the money and fame for which you are running behind