MS Dhoni Takes a Power Nap on The Ground and Twitter Goes Crazy

ms dhoni taking a nap

Rohit Sharma and Ms. Dhoni took India to victory in One day International held on Sunday at Pallekele. India is in the lead by 3-0.With the help of tight and fabulous bowling, India stopped Sri Lanka only to the score of 217 runs.. MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma played amazing match winning innings. Dhoni made 67 runs and Rohit Sharma made a century with 124 runs. Jasprit Bumrah won the Title of “Man of the Match” by taking 5 wickets. 

As the crowd of Sri Lanka disrupted the match by throwing plastic bottles in the field, the match had to be stopped for a while. While Sri Lankan fans were showing their immatureness, Dhoni decided to take a nap on the field that showed again that he is in such situations and will go above expectation when required.

Twitter celebrates this winning of Team India, but as we know, twitterati loves being funny. See how Twitter reacted on Dhoni’s cool power nap: