9 Most Common Myths About The Earth You Shouldn’t Believe

9 Most Common Myths About The Earth You Shouldn't Believe

Most common misconceptions about the Earth: During our childhood, we tend to listen a lot of things and facts about our earth that may true or just a myth. Well, there are some misconceptions we heard since our childhood about the earth, and today we are going to discuss the most common misconceptions and tell the original truth.


The Great Wall of China is visible from the space.
Great Wall of China


The great wall of China is not visible from space as it is very thin. It can only be seen from the international space stations, but you can’t see it or any human-made structure from the moon. Only a dim city lights can be visible from there.


Water conducts electricityWater and Electricity


Distilled or pure water can never conduct electricity. The reason behind we get shocked when standing in the electrified water is that the water we come across is polluted by dirt, minerals as well as other things that will easily conduct electricity.


Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the World
Mount Everest


The world’s tallest mountain technically is Mauna Kea. Mount Everest stands around 29,035 above sea level and Mauna Kea stands only 13,796 above sea level. If we consider this, then it’s not a myth. But if we discuss its tallness from base to summit height then Mauna Kea is the tallest thing on earth.


Diamond is unbreakable.


Well, It’s just a myth as you can break diamond even with a light hammer.


The sun is Yellow.


Almost everyone thinks that sun is yellow, but it is white. The earth’s atmosphere makes it appear yellow from the earth.


Moon is very close to the Earth.


It’s true that many times moon looks very close to us that we think we can reach up and grab it. But in reality, the moon is located about the distance of 239,000 miles away from earth. If you took a cruise to the moon at the fastest speed, still it takes about 17 days to reach.


Sahara desert is the world’s largest desert.
Antarctica desert


No, Antarctica desert is the largest desert on earth. It covers an area about 14,000,000 sq km. Sahara desert is just our misconception.


Clouds are weightless


No, it’s just your misconception. Clouds can weigh up to 500 tons.


Lightning never strikes twice at the same place


Lightning regularly strikes a similar place over and again, particularly if it’s a tall, pointy place. The Empire State Building is hit almost 25 times each year.