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There are around 7.5 Billions people currently living  on earth. Different countries, different religions, different people and yes with different foods.We have always been surrounded with the veg and non veg word because the food we eat can only be divided into these two categories. But Believe me or not, Men these days have started eating everything which moves on our planet whether it is a small insect or any other animal.

When we talk about India then we are the least meat consumption country in the world. You will be considered as a sinner if you consume meat in Hindu religion. Especially if I talk about cows than people in India idolise this animal as a god and there is a strong believe that all the gods dwells inside the cow according to some Hindus religious pious books like Ramayana and Bhagwad Gita. From past few months, there has been big chaos taking place in India related to beef. Beef has been banned by so many govt. Officials and people gave different controversial statement.


This time, the co-founder and chief commercial officer of one of the largest Indian travel online company (MakemyTrip), Keyur Joshi came with a comment on twitter regarding beef ban and freedom to choose the right to eat food in India which was highly criticized later by Makemytrip users. Every person started uninstalling the app and retorted to Keyur Joshi’s tweet


Keyur Joshi’s first tweet in which he stated he will eat Beef only in India in order to show his support for freedom of food.

Following this, he did not stop and uttered that Modi Govt. can’t decide what people will eat and what they will not

“MakeMyTrip” then came up with statement to save themselves from the havoc created by Keyur Joshi’s comments

People then lost their patience and started showing their wrath. Here are couple of tweets in which “BoycottMakemytrip” message is being requested.