The Legendary Wrestler Undertaker’s Shocking Last Day in The Ring


Some people says no work is small and if you take pride in your work then it brings unstoppable confidence in you to achieve great heights in your career. There are umpteen numbers of profession in the world which people take it for their bread and butter but only few takes the profession in which they will play with their life and death. Wrestling is the one in which they know they will have to give their blood and put their life on risk.We have been hearing one line from so many people for long time which is the money I have earned is the result of the sweat and blood that I had put in my work. When it comes to sweat and blood,this line indeed becomes true in a profession called wrestling. In wrestling,The more sweat and blood you give, the more winning you have.

       When it comes to wrestling there is one name comes in our mind. From a small kid to a old age people who don’t even watch wrestling knows one name UnderTaker. There have always  been certain myths about UnderTaker. The best , which I have often heard is that UnderTaker has died several times and again took a new birth.Much obvious,No one is immortal. So let me clear this first that he has never died. The wrestler who has been an inspiration for more than two decades for all wrestler has finally announced his retirement from wrestling.

undertaker retired

UnderTaker,the most competent and successful wrestler in the history, in the last Wrestle-mania 33 announced his retirement after losing match from Roman Reigns in Orlando. The news of his sudden retirement came as a biggest shock not only for the spectators who were sitting and watching match but to the whole world. He had such a calibre and image that people got tears in their eyes when they got a hint of his retirement in the ring only. The strange part was that he did not utter a word to declare his retirement. All he did was something unexpected. He just took off his gloves, hat and his black coat and put all three in the middle of the ring and just walked away.

undertaker retirement

Let me tell you something about him which perhaps you would not have heard so far. He made his wrestling debut in 1990 and since then, there was no looking back for him. He constantly gave his remarkable efforts and conquered the world with his dedication and passion. His real name is Mark Calaway, and he has been in the organisation for last 27 years. He has been married three times and today he is 52 when he announced his retirement.The wrestling world will never be able to forget his profound contribution that he has given and also his flawless performances in the ring.