The legendary master blaster has crazy wishes as “Happy Birthday Sachin”on Twitter


Cricket is defined by one name across the globe which is Sachin Tendulkar. Be it in India or outside India, there has not been a single place on this planet where people don’t take his name when the word “Cricket” is discussed. While India says” if cricket is our religion then Sachin is our god” there are players and countries in the world which has also shown plenty of love and respect for him. In fact he is the only player in the world who is loved and respected equally as it is done by India.

The God of Cricket is here
The God of Cricket is here


The only player and youngest recipient of Bharat Ratna award turned 44 today and as expected Sachin’s fans along with top players has heat melting wishes. Take a look on some of the wishes which are taking breath today.

Virendra Sehwag , one of the most respected and talented player has given the designation of god to Sachin



Sushant Singh Rajput also wished him in his style


Vijendra Singh tweets


One of his fan Rajeshwaran from Mumbai would indeed have Sachin felt glad when RajeshWaran tweeted a conversation with his teacher

Apart from this , the fans from all over the world are craving to see the movie which is based on true life of Sachin. Recently Trailer was launched for the upcoming movie “ Sachin – A billion Dreams “ which received overwhelming response from all fans

SuperStar Abhishek Bachchan made a tweet after watching the trailer. See what he had to say for his love to Sachin “ The god of Cricket”



Hope you have wished him and watched the trailer as well.