Kapil Sharma’s Show made it to 100 episodes


Despite surrounded my negative comments and and controversies for many days , Kapil Sharma has made a century , going to have 100th episode this week and the guest is someone unexpected. We have heard much about Indian Men Cricket Team and their news making it to the realities shows before but this a  National Woman Cricketer, Veda Krishnamurthy has been invited as a special guest for his 100th episode.

It seems that Kavita also took it as a pride to visit the show and enjoyed alot. She even expressed his gratitude for being invited on the show on twitter.



Sunil Grover & Ali Asgar were not seen in last few episode and Kapil also unfollowed Ali Asgar on Twitter which showed no sign of reconciliation but as we all know the show must go on then it is somehow managing with this popularity to make it continue. The biggest advantage which Kapil has is due to Bollywood movies promotion. Almost all actors and directors use Kapil Sharma’s Show to promote their movies and this made him most popular ever since the show commenced




Legendary Actor Rishi Kapoor tried to make some reconciliation between Sunil Grover & Kapil but it seemed and that it did not work out. Rishi Kappor wrote at Twitter

Here is the fitting reply by Sunil Grover to Rishi Kapoor in a humble way