Kabul Deadliest Bomb Attack : Threatening Scenes of Massacre

afghanistan bomb attack

Kabul,the largest city and the capital of Afghanistan went through with the most atrocious terrorist bomb attack in the history. The reports disclosed that the bomb was concealed in a water supplier truck and exploded around 8:30 AM, Wednesday morning. The bomb exploded at the most busiest part of the city where women and children were shopping in the market.


The bomb was planned to be executed at the place near all the other foreign embassies resulting to harm British, US, French and German embassies. 80 people reported to be killed and 350 people wounded so far.


Two employees from Japanese embassy were badly injured with the blast. The BBC driver got killed in the blast.The accountability of the blast is said to be related with Taliban who has already done some major attacks in Kabul in the past but Taliban has denied any such news to be involved in the blast. The Afghan presidential palace and the Indian Embassy are also near the blast site.


The bomb exploded site is giving the major reason to think of it as a planned conspiracy since the exploded spot is fortified by major areas of the city and all other embassies are also in the vicinity


People who became victim of the blast suffered major injuries. What could be seen after the attack was blood of the people and dead bodies only.


Water loaded truck was used to execute the bomb and later you can see the floor filled with blood instead of water

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to the twitter to express his condolence on the attack

“We strongly condemn the terrorist blast in Kabul. Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased & prayers with the injured,”He twitted 

Here is the video that captured the massive explosion. The whole area was immersed in black smoke and rescue operation underwent for more than 10 hours after the blast.

RIP for Kabul blast’s victims and sincere condolences to all the families who have lost their loved ones.