Trailer Of Pahlaj Nihalani’s Adult Film ‘Julie 2’ Is Out : Sanskari Pahlaj Gets Trolled Badly

rai lakshmi hot

The makers of “Julie 2” have recently unveiled the trailer of this erotic film. Earlier the teaser of the film suggested that the film will pick up the sensual aspect of the film from the original film 2004 “Julie.”

The trailer of the film showed glimpses of  Raai’s Laxmi sensual stripping scenes on a beach with its themed song playing in the background.

‘Deepak Shivdasani’ is the Director of the movie, and it features actors like Sahil Salathia, Rati Agnihotri, Ravi Kishen and Pankaj Tripathi. These actors given their best to make it a huge suspense-thriller movie, and a slow motion walk of Raai’s Laxmi in a bikini grabs attention much more than any other thing.

Julie 2 trailer

But the shocking thing is that Pahlaj Nihalani, Ex Censor Board Chief and was the same person who couldn’t let James Bond kiss in the front of Indian audiences has launched the trailer of Julie 2.

Pahlaj said, there is no vulgarity, obscenity, or even a language problem in the movie it’s a complete adult family film.

Just after the release of the trailer, Twitter users started trolling Pahlaj Nihlani with funny comments.

“Julie 2 “is all set to Bang Theaters on October 6,2017.