This island in India is the Most Isolated Place on the Planet


Science,Technology & Computer has brought such a state where they altogether have been able to make biggest impact on the lives of human. Everything is being connected with computers in today’s era and new technologies are being invented every day. When everyone is relentlessly making efforts to establish themselves into the world of artificial intelligence (where computers are being developed to work like humans) and automation, there is still a tribe dwelling in India who does not even know that there is another type of life exists expect their world. They do not even know about cell phones and the food we eat


Yes, it is quite astonishing to hear that one of the Andaman islands,Bay of Bengal in India called North Sentinel Island is the last known isolated tribe in the world. The tribe is called Sentinelese tribe and has no idea about outside world. Let me expand more.


The dwellers of this island has managed to live here for nearly 60,000 years. The tribe killed almost every person who made an effort to pry into their life. In 1896, an Indian convict who was escaping from the govt. got killed by the tribe while washing up on their shore.


In 2006 when two fishermen were killed by the tribes who tried to enter into the island. Indian govt, made another futile effort to contact the tribe by sending a team in a helicopter. When the team reached the spot and was in the air only, the tribes started throwing stones on them which restrained them to land on the island. They even attacked by a spear (a sharpened weapon) to the helicopter. Since then, the island has been banned by Indian Govt. and it is highly inadvisable and illegal to make an entry within 3 miles of north sentinel island.


The fact says that the behaviour of the tribe revealed that they do not know who we people are? They do not wear clothes and their meals only includes animals and fish.Their population is estimated around 100-400 individuals but the 2001 census described only 15 individuals (12 males and 3 females). A man attacking with spear and arrow to the helicopter is shown below.since-those-trips-the-sentinelese-have-rescinded-their-friendliness-following-the-2004-indian-ocean-tsunami-an-indian-coast-guard-helicopter-surveying-the-island-was-attacked-with-arrows

Sources revealed this tribe is said to be associated from the first human populations to be emerged from Africa. Perhaps, no place on earth would be as isolated as sentinel island. The 28 square mile island is equal to size of Manhattan which is surrounded by highly dense forest. The tribes even succeeded to survive 2004 Tsunami, the deadliest Tsunami ever in history which killed more than 2,50,000 people. It has been said that the tribes already had known about the tsunami with their observation power and they found a way to rescue themselves. When you make a list to visit Andaman, mark this place not to visit. See the video below