‘Invisible Box Challenge’ is The Newest Viral Trend and Its Mind-Blowing

invisible Box Challenge

Within few years we have seen so many challenges undertaken by people on social media. Including Ice Bucket Challenge, Planking Challenge, Harlem Shake, Fire Challenge, Boiling Water Challenge and the most recent Blue Whale Challenge, we have watched and even tried so many challenges. Some were very funny or hilarious and some were totally dangerous as well as controversial. Such things make social media a very interesting place to spend quality time.

This time there is a new and pretty cool internet challenge which is going viral very quickly. It’s called ‘Invisible Box Challenge‘. In this challenge, you have to act as though there is a transparent box in-front of you and you have to step over it.

College football player Dontez Hines tweeted a video of himself miming “stepping over” a box in August and initiated the challenge at first.

It looks very easy, but wait.. watch all the videos shared below and you will find that the challenge is not easy at all.

Watch his video:


The challenge gone viral after a Texas cheerleader named Arial Oliver attempted it. & this cheerleader is just wowww…

This girl also amazed us..

He just Smashed it

Don’t just think outside the box, rather, OVER the invisible box..

And this was not a bad try..

Perhaps she didn’t quite get it right. 😉

Nailed it 😂😂


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