Has Kapil Sharma called for his own doom?, “TO HANDLE SUCCESS IS NOT EASY”


There are two words in every one’s life to which he deals with every second of his life. These words are associated with each and every small to big tasks. Yes , I am going to talk about SUCCESS & FAILURE. We always hear this from so many people that I am not successful and I want to become a successful person. The definitions of Success and Failure varies from person to person.It cannot be same for every person since every person has their own perception.There are also some words which are directly concerned with the word Success like name,fame, stardom and role model. Actually  the real battle is not before success in fact the real battle starts after success because it is not that hard to achieve success , the hardest part is to maintain that success and let it grow more and more.

Also , just to become richest person in the world is not something you can call a successful life. If you are able to maintain your professional and personal life equally without any partiality then you can consider yourself successful. In my perception if a person has no moral and ethical values then no matter how much rich and successful he is, in reality he is a biggest failure. We have seen many people who are highly successful in life but they have no moral values in them. They are mean, cruel, selfish and dishonest. People often tend to relate success of other persons based on how much he earns and how much famous he is? That is totally wrong in my view point.

The most famous comedian Kapil Sharma has suffered sometimes due to his immaturity and lack of moral values. He nails from a small family and struggled a lot to reach to his destination but after receiving stardom he forgot the value of the hard work he did and shown some misconduct  with his own team members. Before I conclude my writing, I would like to manifest a crucial line related to the word success. “It isn’t about how many times or how much success you have achieved in your life in fact it is about how many lives you have changed with your success .”