Guess the Man helping Ranbir Kapoor to adapt the role of Sanjay Dutt in his biopic.


Few days back , we showed you how Ranbir Kapoor has tried his best to get the looks of Sanjay Dutt for his upcoming biopic. Pictures of Ranbir imitating Sanjay Dutt’s look went viral since Ranbir almost resembled Sanjay Dutt look and stunned every one.

Ever wondered, apart from the looks,  What could be the ways that Ranbir must be trying to imitate Sanju Baba’s voice, walking style, facial expression and postures.


Don’t bother. We are here to tell you who is that only person being proven the biggest help to Ranbir in order to get a perfect Sanjay Dutt’s role. He is none other than the much famous comedian, Dr. Sanket Bhosle who has already won hearts of audiences with his unbelievable and unparalleled talent in copying Sanjay Dutt style.

1C4_rk-minDr. Sanket has been assisting Ranbir and teaching him how he can get into the shoes of Sanjay Dutt. Sanket told in  a report” when I met Ranbir Kapoor, he was amazed to know that I am a doctor by profession and he also told that he has been watching my videos all along where I copied Sanjay Dutt. He asked me how I could be so perfect in doing that and I started helping him out”

Sanket has seen on small screens many times. He was seen in Kapil Sharma’s show and received much applause for all the acts in which he mimicked Sanju Baba