Elon Musk Is Ready To Install Computers In Human Brains


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 7.53.01 PMThe science and technology has together brought an immense revolution in human lives. The scientists across the globe and technology leaders have shown their relentless effort s with the discovery of new technologies from time to time. From ever since the discovery of computers, we have come up with big enhancement in computers generations by generations.

Today, I would kindly seek your valuable attention to the recent generation of computers which is also called as the future of computers. Ever wondered or thought, how it would be like if you don’t need to operate the computers by spending long hours to get your desired work done? How it would be if you just think the task in your mind and automatically operate the computers by your mind? Yes, I am indeed talking about AI. (Artificial Intelligence).It directly associates with that branch of science where humans are just capable to do anything from their mind, just by giving simple instruction to the machine placed in front of them.

People from across the globe have already begun working for this concept and in recent news published in a wall street journal; it has been written that efforts are being made to install computers in human brains. This concept is considered to be able to work by creating a connection between cortical cortexes with the multi electrode array. Goals of Artificial Intelligence are just to Create Expert Systems and to Implement Human Intelligence in Machines. The major expectation with AI is to make computers who could do work such as reasoning, learning, and problem solving. The domain of Artificial Intelligence includes Natural Language processing, Machine Learning, Speech and Voice Recognition Systems.

In a nutshell, the process of getting AI in our hands might take a while but as soon as we receive this ,We will be having a huge impact in the technology world