Caught On Camera: Doctors Fight in Jodhpur Hospital During an Emergency Operation; New Born Baby Dies

Doctors fight in Jodhpur Hospital

A video of two doctors fighting over an issue while a pregnant patient lies on the operation table has emerged and has been circulating over the internet.

The entire incident has been caught on camera. In spite of strict rules on not carrying mobile phone inside the operation theatre as they are a source of infection, one was found recording the incident.

While Dr. Ashok Neniwal and Dr. ML Tak were busy in quarreling, the pregnant woman was lying on the operation table with her stomach cut open. Despite being in an emergency operation, these doctors ignored her and got into a verbal spat and started abusing each other.

Notice has been issued to both the doctors by the Superintendent.

The incident took place at Jodhpur’s Umaid Hospital, which is known to be one of the best hospitals in the region.Jodhpur’s Umaid is a famous Hospital and had been in controversy in the past for number of deaths of pregnant ladies. Over 12 women had died in February-March, 2011.

In a very short duration after the incident took place, strict actions had been taken against Dr. Ml Tak and Dr. Ashok Beniwal, and they were fired immediately

This is really an incredible and extremely disturbing news.

Here is the video which was recorded by one of the hospital staff members: