After Being Condemned,Deepika Responded With Another Bold Pic to Her Haters From MAXIM Photoshoot


Deepika Padukone has truly become inspiration for millions of youth out there who strives to make their career in Bollywood. Despite belonging to a normal family and irrespective of her non filmy background she has conquered hearts of millions not just in India but around the world. She has been able to prove herself in Hollywood when she bagged a movie there.
Normally guardians are seen to restrain their children in modelling and acting especially when it comes to daughters but Deepika had told in report that her biggest support came from her family and she has always been pushed forward to pursue her career in acting from her mom and dad

Just After the photo shoot, some people began mocking on her dress for MAXIM photoshoot and trolled her on twitter. Deepika First we are going to reveal the photo shoot here in which she has nailed her as always


maximWhere she got number of harsh and obscene comments, we are showing just two of them
While some of her fans supported her in same way
Guess What ? Deepika did not utter a word to her hatters and just came with another photo to shut the mouth of all. The below one came after she was trolled on social media. She managed to gave a different pose these time
hot deepika
Besides Priayanka Chopra,Deepika has gained number one title of being the hottest women of the year defeating some big  Hollywood’s start including Hailey Baldwin, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson and Kendall Jenner.
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