Blue Whale Suicide Game : All You Need to Know About This Deadly Internet Game

blue whale challange

Blue Whale Challenge

Well ,Who does not like to indulge themselves in playing a game? We all in our life at least one time has played our favourites games to amuse ourselves. But how about a game which instigate you to make suicide. Yes , you would be dumbfounded to hear that there is a game called “ Blue Whale”.

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This game has been in the news globally recently and has witnessed number of teens suicide cases. The game was developed in Russia and has taken 130 lives so far. Cops and parents from different parts of the world have started warning their children and the news is spreading very hastily to all other countries


How does the Blue Whale Suicide Game work?

The game can be downloaded online for mobile and desktop . Once you install and login the game. You are asked to complete certain task by the administrator within 50 days from the day the game had begun. The list includes harmful life taking task which becomes worse day by day and at last day, you are asked to commit a suicide. If you attempts to leave the game, you are abused and menaced by the admin.

Below is the image which includes list of tasks



The man behind the game is here. Come on, I know that but do not drool over his cute face and never make a mistake to judge a book by its cover. You never know what kind of wicked face could be hidden behind that innocent face?


Philipp Budeikin is the 21 year old young Russian guy who invented the crazy life taking death game. The guy has been jailed in the conviction to incite 16 Russian school girl. He has been receiving some love letters inside the prison with different girls. After getting arrested, You won’t believe that he did not have a single sign of remorse on his face. How mean and barbaric someone could be. He said in a statement to the police  “ I am cleansing the society and victims were happy to die”just a biological waste”


Warns your children and kids around you before they start playing with their life !!