Bigg Boss 11: Police Complaint Filed Against Salman Khan By Evicted Contestant Zubair Khan


Zubair Khanone of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 11 who also got evicted from the show recently has filed a complaint against host Salman Khan at Antop Hill police station in Mumbai for allegedly threatening him inside the house.

In Saturday night episode, Salman lost his cool and lashed out at Zubair because he was threatening female contestants in the house.

Salman had said to Zubair: “Aaj tumhe kutta nahi banaa diya to mera naam Salman Khan nahi.” Zubair also claimed in the statement that Salman threatened him that he would not be able to work in the industry anymore once he leaves the house.

A video of Salman’s angry moment with Zubair.

Because of such harsh words by Salman, Zubair had allegedly taken excess sleeping pills evoking the makers of the show to rush him to hospital soon after the episode was over.

Copy Of Zubair Khan’s Police Complaint Filed Against Salman Khan:

big boss complaint

Here’s a video in which Zubair Khan is giving his statement with a direct message to Salman infront of media: