Artificial Intelligence Project Has Been Shut Down by The Facebook Researchers, Know the Full Story Below!

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Recently, artificial intelligence has been developed by the Facebook researchers however after some time; they decided to shut down its development. According to the reports, the AI has developed its own language and used code language for the communication.

You may have watched a movie like “I Robot” based on Humanoid that revolved overtime by creating their own language, rules, and ethics. From this step of a Facebook researcher, we can figure out the reason why they have shut down this project?

Researchers are concerned about the project, but if they continue this one, then it might lose control. Researchers don’t want  world to experience those movie scenes in real life, and that’s why the decisions seem to be a good one.

It happened before

You will be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time as various AI projects have been shut down in the past few years. In most of the projects, AI created their own language in order to communicate efficiently. It doesn’t end here as the resulting phrases sound gibberish to the humans that made the experiment complicated.

Bots negotiated a new language

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During the experiment, researchers found that bots developed their own code words and language. They denied learning the English language; they even negotiated with the other Artificial Intelligence agents. In other words, they created their own pattern of working and didn’t follow the commands they are meant to follow.

The two robots, Alice and Bob, communicated in the language created by them, even exchanged that language. Later on, the conversation formed from that language gone beyond the imagination and understating capability of researchers. Researchers noticed multiple variations in the further conversation of the two robots.

bot thinkingAlthough the phrases were nonsense but it made researchers worried as it indicated that the AI is capable of creating new words. It is the major concern of researchers as it is possible that they can create their own world beyond the reach and control of humans. Also, from the nonsense conversation of Alice and Bob, it was noticed that more items were offered by Bob to Alice.

From the Alice response, she wants to say that “she has three and Bob have everything else.” It further indicated that they didn’t required English phrases for communication as they figured out more efficient way of communication.

In other words, it’s like a “short hand” language, but all this is a sign that Robots are capable enough to conquer this world if humans let them to do so. Facebook along with other researchers figure out that made them to shut down such projects.