Aranab Goswami’s Republic TV made history in first week



Arnab Goswami, the man who does not need any introduction is the Managing Director and co-founder of the newly launched English news channel in India, Republic TV. The man who redefined the definition of journalism in India.Before we divulge to his new channel making history , let me enlighten some more about this man. He is an Indian journalist and television news anchor. We have seen people earning stardom and getting recognised globally. The list among them are Actors,Sports Person,Businessman, Govt. Officer , Politicians and others.We have had so many news channel and news anchors in the past and still have many. There is hardly any chance occurred when we remembered the news anchor after watching any news but then this person came as a news anchor on the English news channel Times now in 2006.

Arnab came as a news anchor with his two shows “ The Newshour“,a live debate on Times Now, which used to telecast every day at 9:00PM and another show was “Frankly speaking with Arnab”. Arnab used to discuss the burning topics of day to day happenings in India. He gained popularity with his harsh and unstoppable way of debating. There are so many crucial and influential debates he did with top known personalities of India and he never made a jot of sacrifice to put his thoughts. He shouted, he argued, he fought through his show and retorted every person in a bold manner. His interview with Rahul Gandhi made bigger news at national level and created much chaos in India .With every show he did , he influenced people in a big manner and people all over the globe loved him due to his honest speaking. He has been the most popular and glorious news anchor ever in the history of India.
republicbd_050717113959He worked as the editor in chief and a news anchor in Times Now from 2006-2016. He decided to quit from Times Now on 1 November 2016 and announced his new channel, Republic TV which was launched on 06th May 2017

Ever since he announced his new venture, Republic TV, people all over the country were eagerly waiting for it and as it was much expected, the channel made the history with having 2,17,000 viewers in first week of launching beating Times now, the channel in which he was working previously. Republic TV recorded 84.4 % higher than that of Times Now. The data was studied and presented by BARC .Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) is a non profit body of the of the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, Association Of Advertising Agencies of India and Indian Society of Advertisers. It measures real time television ratings points (TRP). The Republic news channel is owned by ARG Outlier Media and Asianet News

While NBA (News Broadcasters Association’s),group CEO. Ashish Baggga raised an objection regarding the news shared by BARC for Republic TV and asked them not to reveal any such data since NBA reckoned those percentage of viewers for first week were not true but BARC totally ignored the objections.

But who cares? The good thing is, finally the much awaited news channel by Arnab Goswami, Republic TV has finally hit the television and the man with the line” The Nations wants to know” has finally begun his revolution regarding the journalism in India.

Time to raise your voice with him again !!