This Australian Ad Showing Lord Ganesha Eating Meat! Gets Slammed For Hurting Religious Sentiments

Lord Ganesha eating meat

The advertisement released by the “Meat and Livestock Australia” on Monday has been called to ban immediately.

The Hindu community in Australia wants a ban on this advertisement as it shows their deity Lord Ganesha eating lamb. The campaign features divinities from different religions including Buddha and Jesus sitting around a lamb lunch, shows promoting consumption of lamb meat.

Lord Ganesha eating meat

The commercial has upset the Hindus for showing Lord Ganesha eating lamb.

According to Australian Livestock, the commercial aims to portray lamb can unite people of different religious beliefs.

Check out the advertisement here:

Hindu community is demanding an apology from Meat and Livestock Australia for showing their deity eating lamb.

Hindus people have reacted angrily to the commercial on Social media. So far ASB has received more than 30 complaints.

Let’s see what action will be taken. Meanwhile, have a look at these angry twitter reactions: